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Roving Rube

Sept. 5, 2003

Waterfall and honey locust, Paley Park

What's New

A small vest pocket park in midtown Manhattan, the park was developed (and every detail considered) by the person who paid for it, William Paley, former Chairman of CBS. Mr. Paley was involved in all aspects of planning the park from its conception to the selection of just the right hot dog ...It is also very noisy - but the noise is white noise from the ... 20-foot cascading waterfall, running at 1800 gallons per minute ... a backdrop of sound that causes the city noise to fade away. (Project for Public Spaces: Great Public Spaces)

As with Greenacre Park, the waterfall does exert a strong attraction when you see it from the street.

Now we know, from the truly must-click-on Project for Public Spaces site referenced above, that the proper term is "vest pocket park", which does convey their typically small sizes better than just "pocket park". And even more importantly, there is another hot dog the Rube must try in his search for the City's best. There are some highly-touted gourmet hot dogs served out of a little greenhouse by the fountains of Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, but the Rube did not think they were as good as Gray's Papaya.

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