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Roving Rube

Sept. 7, 2003


Wim Devoye's "Gothic: Chantier", Union Square

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Whenever we see something really neat appear in one of New York's public spaces, it always seems the Public Art Fund is involved in some way. We like their choice of artists, and ability to negotiate with sponsors for money, and city and private agencies for venues.

Chantier is French for "construction site" this group of Gothic-styled tools and machinery features a wheelbarrow, barricades, traffic cones, a concrete mixer, and even a pile of sand with a shovel stuck into it. Each object's familiar form is entirely perforated with Gothic ornamentation, an Old World decorative approach that contrasts with the reference to modern industry and productivity. (From on-site label; more at Public Art Fund site)

This project is at both Union Square and Central Park.



































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