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Roving Rube

August 5, 2003

Greenacre Park waterfall, 51st between 3rd and 2nd Ave.

What's New

This is probably Manhattan's most beautiful "pocket park" (parks which are created in an empty lot).

With a 25-foot-high waterfall cascading over the rear wall, skillfully landscaped trees and plantings, an outdoor cafe, and shady arbors, the park was designed to make the most of its small size. Built in 1971 by the Greenacre Foundation, (founded two years earlier by Mrs. Jean Mauze, the former Abby Rockefeller) the park was developed to provide New Yorkers with "some moments of serenity in this busy world." The park's award-winning designs were created by Hideo Sasaki, former chairman of Harvard's Landscape Architecture Department, and Harmon Goldstone, who served as consultant. Greenacre park is heavily used, but not enough to make it feel busy. (from "Project for Public Spaces" website).

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