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Roving Rube

Sept. 4, 2003

Fountains, "Triumph of the Human Spirit", Foley Square

What's New

The Rube visited this plaza in summer when it seemed too bright and sun-baked for his liking, except the fountains were a help, of course.

The sculpture will get a fuller treatment in our next Outdoor Art series; it "depicts a boat made of black granite, 60 to 70 feet high, floating in a pool 80 feet wide, symbolizing the ships that brought slaves from Africa. It also symbolizes the boats which brought over other Americans because, according to [the work's creator, Lorenzo] Pace, 'we are all immigrants.'" (The African Burial Ground Art Project, by Nicholas Tamarin).

The pool, then, symbolizes the ocean; the fountains could represent renewal. They seem a bit like they're saluting the boat, like fireboats do ocean liners entering the harbor.

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