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Our feature format is three photos about an NYC subject, and some notes to go with them. That is what we want from you.

The site aims to provide a visual and verbal description of NYC, as it is really is, today, so that those who are here may see it better, to prepare those who will visit, and to remind those who have been, what they experienced.

We prefer a "you are there" approach -- so of your photos, often one should be an "in context" shot, to help viewers place your subject in relation to its surroundings. It makes it more "real".

If you need more than 3 photos to tell your story, that is ok. Your story should express your unique experience of, or expertise about, NYC. Assume no prior knowledge of your subject by the audience.

As NYC is infinitely detailed and constantly changing, you may end up being the only one ever to document your subject. Out of respect for it, take the most flattering photos you can -- on a day when the sun is on it. And do a little research if possible. Your Feature could be online forever, and we are all going to be stuck with how you did it.

Photos and notes should be submitted by e-mail to the webmaster. We will resize the photos, create thumbnails, etc. as needed for our format.

We will send you a draft of the feature page for your approval before we publish it. Once published, it will remain as the feature for that particular day in perpetuity, unless you request that it be removed.

We will not make any other use of your work without obtaining your permission first.