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The Webmaster of NYCJPG is Mark Lentz.

His model for this site is NASA's "Astronomy Picture of the Day", aka APOD. There, a team of scientists helps us "discover the cosmos" via photos from the world's great telescopes, together with a wonderfully cross-linked commentary that allows one to strike off in any direction of interest. One day he would like for NYCJPG to be just like APOD.

The site is designed and maintained with Macromedia Dreamweaver, without which Mr. Lentz, with his feeble understanding of HTML and Javascript, would be out of luck.

The site is of also of course heavily indebted to the public benefactors who invented the JPEG and GIF formats, Adobe PhotoShop, and digital cameras.

This site is dedicated to New York City, and to those who help keep it going.