Photos: Mark Lentz
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Unfurling the new sign, Times Square

Theme: Signage. Notes by Mark Lentz.

These pictures were taken on the first Monday of this month, and perhaps that is when signs are traditionally changed over. Several others were being changed, including the Motorola sign -- which had been there for a couple of years -- the same day we ran its feature! It's the NYCJPG curse!

Perhaps the sign comes rolled up like a carpet on a long flatbed truck, and is lifted up by the telescoping "Skyhook" (we've seen these bend like fishing poles when they are lifting a big weight).

Then, as we see here, guys hoist it over the top and let it play out. Perhaps then they try to push all the wrinkles out to the ends, as you would in a carpet.

Looking at the big version of #3, we see it is creased horizontally -- is it printed out in strips which are then glued together? Or are these creases from being folded, not rolled? How big is it when it's all folded up?

Who gets to keep the old sign when it is removed? It's got to be good for something.

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