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Flagbearers, Veterans' Day Parade

Theme: Parades. Notes by Roving Rube

For today's parade, the Rube set up shop between a newspaper stand and a barricade, so he wouldn't have to worry about people crowding behind him. But Veterans' Day is often cold and dreary, and it is a work day for some, and thinking about what our soldiers have been or will go through sometimes makes you feel like crying. So it tends not to be as crowded as the more joyous parades. ... But on the other hand, once you make it there, you feel quite proud of all the people in it, and it is a great experience.

The Rube used his Digital Rebel with a fixed Canon 50mm 1.8 lens, a cheap but fast and sharp lens, which was able to freeze the motion even on this overcast day. Not having a zoom lens was good too; he didn't waste those extra seconds playing with the shot framing.

There have been some complaints amongst its owners that the Rebel's autofocus is inconsistent. The Rube attributes this to some users not realizing that the shutter speed with the supplied lens often ends up being slower than what they were used to with their point-and-shoot camera. Also, it defaults to a multispot focus, 7 red dots which are intended to ensure all the subjects they land on are included in the depth of field. But results can vary depending on what these dots happen to land on, and the Rube prefers the single-spot focus -- one red dot is much easier to get on the right thing.

Some photographers, like the woman at above right, were on the street, getting the marchers from front-on, sometimes walking backwards in front of them. They must have a really fast lens to be able to that. The other advantage would be that they will see you, and you can get them to smile for the camera.

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