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"The Glory Girls", Veterans' Day Parade, Fifth Avenue

Theme: Parades. Notes by Roving Rube.

There were not many floats in the Veterans' Day Parade -- it was mostly marchers -- but here is one, sponsored by 1st Republic Mortgage Bankers, which honors the 50th anniversary of the end of the Korean War.

On the front, it featured a replica of Mac Adams' "The Universal Soldier" -- the Korean War Memorial in Battery Park.

In the middle were the vets -- the Rube was thinking it would be good for some of them to have the option of riding, as they are mostly over 70 by now, and Fifth Avenue runs uphill.

In the back, singing their hearts out, were The Glory Girls... Since the Rube has gotten his new camera, he has been able to get some great shots of people, and he wishes somehow he could get these pictures to them. In this case, "www.theglorygirls.com" was listed on the float, so he was able to send them an e. They were happy to hear from him, because, all being on the float, no one was left over to take any pictures! And then, they graciously made him an official Friend of The Glory Girls, and he is making them an official Friend of NYCJPG, and everyone's a winner!
















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