Photos: Mark Lentz
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"Absolut Out" billboard, Greenwich Village

Theme: Signage. Notes by Mark Lentz.

Above are the "No Pain, No Gain" and "Best in Show" closets in this Absolut "spectacular", which are part of an on-line eBay auction being conducted now at AbsolutOut.com.

The term "spectacular" comes from AbsolutAds.com:

Absolut Vodka's advertising campaign is the world's longest ever uninterrupted one. To this date, it comprises 1,450 original ads, with more added each month. This gallery [some categories are Artists, Cities, 1991 Men's Fashion, Magazine-Specific, Album Covers, Literary, and Spectaculars] offers just a fragment of the total and although it will never be complete it will, I hope, give you an idea of the variety and scope of imagination of the staff of the TBWA advertising agency over the past 25 odd years... Absolut Society can be joined by anyone who wants to be kept informed about new ads or who wants to exchange them with collectors worldwide (some 2,500 registered members). Absolut Society sends out a fortnightly newsletter which I most warmly recommend to everyone.

In 2001, Absolut teamed up with Ikea on this "Absolut Manhattan" billboard.

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