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The New York Experience

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Roving Rube

October 14, 2003

"Give Us Money, We Are Pretty"; Columbus Circle

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"Can I take pictures of you for my website?" asked the Rube.

"Of course you can take our pictures for your website!" they said.

"I can send them to you if you like."

"Of course we would like you to send them to us!"

"I went up and asked two pretty girls if I could take their pictures," boasted the Rube at work the next day. He went on to explain about the "Give Us Money, We Are Pretty" signs.

"That is so obnoxious, I don't like them already," said his one co-worker, the one who also hates the Naked Cowboy. But he explained that they were wearing some kind of Glinda the Good Witch costumes, and he didn't really think they were expecting to get any money -- it was some kind of Performance Art.

"You mean you didn't even give them any money?" asked his other co-worker, incredulously.

No, nor could he send them the pictures, because he had neglected to ask where to send them.

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