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Roving Rube

August 7, 2003

Waterfall and Berlin Wall fragment, 53rd between Fifth and Madison

What's New

The Rube likes to play the "could never have predicted" game with himself -- he could never have predicted one day he would be living in New York (instead of Jersey), taking 1,000 photos every month, rooting for the Nets, etc...

So too, the Berlin Wall, and its graffiti artists, could never have predicted that one day they would be on permanent display here in Manhattan.

The Rube vaguely recollects from a tour he took that the owner of 520 Madison (to which this pocket park is attached; in context) got the idea when he was visiting Germany around the time the wall came down ... and also that somehow the graffiti artist either saw it on TV or actually came across it during a subsequent visit to the Free World ... and there is a plaque to him and his peers somewhere nearby the piece.

See also: Daily News piece on the Surveillance Camera Players; subsequent incident in this park.

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