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Can't see the trees for the forest

Of these three residential skyscrapers on 56th St. off 7th Ave, which one do some critics call horrid, which is dull and ugly, and which is one of the the best skyscrapers built in New York since the 1930s?

It's hard to tell from this angle.

Manhattan skyscrapers are unfortunately often jammed up against each other on side streets, or screened by equally tall neighbors. In this way it compares unfavorably with its chief architectural rival, Chicago, and the Rube has heard it said that some architects don't like to build here because no one will get to see their creation in all its glory.

Carnegie Hall Tower (one of the best), on the top right, does face both the much wider 7th Avenue and 57th Street, and thus gets most seen like its maker intended. The Rube will be bringing you pictures of all three in the weeks to come, from the best available angle!

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