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"Fourier Transform" (detail), by Joan Hierholzer

Theme: Art and Artists. Notes by Mark Lentz.

Joan Hierholzer's solo show, "Age of Marvels" opened last night at the National Arts Club, and runs through this Sunday.

As Joan is a close family friend, we (my Dad, me and two of my friends) were given the opportunity to help her hang the show, a major life event for an artist, and fraught with anxiety. The 23 paintings were transported from New Jersey in "Gigi", Joan's vintage GM van, without incident, and my crew took great pride in hanging an entire room by ourselves (with only minor incident), and every painting was just as straight and square as the next.

In her Age of Marvels series, Joan Hierholzer explores an emerging world of tomorrow, where technology opens new channels for Nature and the Human Spirit, and they rush in with enormous energy.

In these visionary paintings all manner of marvels occur. A house reconstitutes itself in columns of pure power ("Fourier Transform"). A flower commandeers a gusher of plasma ("Bloomation"). A condensing spirit brings a range of hills under its protection ("Laminar Flow"). A cluster of windblown towers draws bands of spellbound pilgrims ("Wireless Spires"). The World Tree regrows from its massive stump ("World Tree"). And so on -- a world beyond our imagining greets us with scenes we somehow always knew were up ahead. (catalog notes by Robert Lentz)

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