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Mr. Peanut, Times Square

Theme: Signage. Notes by Roving Rube.

Mr. Peanut has been around a couple years now, but for some reason the Rube didn't notice him until last week, when he was spending a lot of time hanging around Times Square.

He is a gentleman of the old school, in that he uses paired neon outlines (shown in #1 and #2) to simulate tipping his hat.

#3 shows the mechanical can "which tips to pour out a handful of nuts. Planters' tradition of Times Square signage goes back to 1916. A giant neon bag of nuts was once located at 2 Times Square. Another sign featured a Mr. Peanut with a pouring, animated 22' long bag of neon nuts which tumbled towards pedestrians below. " (From Super Signage website, which also has great info about signs from all over, past and present.)

The Rube's family once took a week-long vacation to Atlantic City -- when it had hit rock-bottom, just before the casinos -- and there was a giant Mr. Peanut there too, together with a very terrible smell, which his parents told him was from the peanut factory.

Maybe it wouldn't smell so bad to him now, as an adult, but at the time it almost turned him against peanut butter, and he was a kid who insisted on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch every school day from 3rd to 8th grade.

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