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Simon Song

October 23, 2003

A building in the sunset, SoHo

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[Editor's note: For three days we are featuring excerpts from Simon Song's weblog, "My Trip to New York: It Worked!" ... See previous page for more details.]

What is Soho? In Beijing, we have a group of apartment buildings named as SOHO. Now the Beijing Jianwai SOHO is under construction. It is located in the most commercial place in the capital and consists of more apartment buildings that the developer wants to give rich Beijingers some sense of living in New York's Soho. This is kind of weird.

You will never know what Soho is if you don't get there. But you might feel more confused after you visited.

I felt very excited for six hours when I visited Soho today. I visited art galleries, saw paintings displayed and sold on the sidewalks, walked around store by store, and most importantly kept myself busy in taking photos.

But on my way back, I asked myself: what is Soho? I didn't have an answer. When I got back and input all my photos into my computer, I felt confused.

Soho is not a place with buildings and artworks, restaurants and stores. To me, it is the sense of freedom, diversity and originality in art creation that makes this place Soho.

So I choose a simple picture for today: a building in the sunset. I have many other artistic photos I took in Soho. But I think this one is what I get today.


































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