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Roving Rube

October 8, 2003

Posing with Samuel L. Jackson, Madame Taussand's Wax Musuem, 42nd Street

What's New

The Rube was looking forward to visiting the Wax Museum as part of the "research" for this series, but no one wanted to go with him. So he was going to go himself, and he got on line, and then he saw the price was TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS! For that kind of money, he could go to the next-door Empire 25 theater, see a great movie with the combo deal with extra butter, and then go across the street to the Cold Stone Creamery for their top of the line hand-rolled sundae.

So he's just provided us with some exterior pix.

Seeing the picture of Jennifer Lopez, newly added to the 42nd Street collection, does make the Rube think it might be worth it. Maybe when the wax figures are lit properly, they look alive. But the ones outdoors and in the lobby look kind of waxy, or embalmed.

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