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The New York Experience

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Roving Rube

Sept. 30, 2003

Tony's Little Gift Shop, Mulberry Street

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The Rube was surprised to see three people working on restocking the shelves at Tony's Little Gift Shop in Little Italy (the second in 2-jpg; a third was working on the keychains); they must do a great business. And on his next trip by, they were at it again.

Tony's seems unusually large (in context) -- it seemed to the Rube, though, that almost all of it is out on the sidewalk, with just a narrow little space actually inside the building. In the context shot, there is a sign on the far right that says "Established 1985", and also you can see the edge of a newstand that also says "Tony's" on it; on the right of this stand is a sign stating that this Little Stand was opened on June 29th, 1896. At first the Rube thought it was Tony's little gift shop stand, which would have been quite amazing, but the sign does not really say that.

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