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Roving Rube

Sept. 1, 2003

Pond Garden fountain, Staten Island Botanical Garden

What's New

A path, almost blocked by tall grasses, leads to the pond's edge and a grass-filtered view of this foutain.

There are reputedly a pair of Black Swans that nest here, but they were not in evidence yesterday.

Making use of the bog-like ground surrounding the pond are a myriad of plants [including these which the Rube originally mistook for brown-eyed susans] especially suited to growing in marshy conditions. The Pond Garden is different from other gardens in that it is not as manicured. ... This untamed quality is intentional as the garden joins the feelings associated with being in a natural setting. Yet still being somewhere that is a product of planning. These two qualities vary depending upon where in the garden one is. (Staten Island Botanical Garden site)

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