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Roving Rube

August 9, 2003

Fountain in mid-block walk-through between 50th and 49th

What's New

This multiple-geyser fountain replaces a waterfall wall that had to be demolished a couple of years ago, when they built the adjacent Lehman Brothers skyscraper on Seventh Avenue. This new space does not seem quite as inviting as the old one, though, to which the waterfall was such an attractive backdrop.

Also featured in this "walk-through"* is a sunken pool with a rounded-rock bed (2-jpg). It seems a shame that they put a fence around it (3-jpg) to keep people from falling in, but maybe someone actually did already. Maybe they could put a more attractive low rock wall around it to indicate a "water hazard", but still allow people to use the little footbridge over the pool.


*Developers who provide what is considered a public amenity, a shortcut between two streets in the middle of the block, usually receive zoning bonus like being permitted to add extra floors to the top of their buildings.

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