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Terra Cotta

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Roving Rube

August 1, 2003

St. Ann Building, 3-5 West 18th Street

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1895-96, Cleverdon & Putzel
Brick with textured terra-cotta ornament. Commercial.
(Source: "Terra-Cotta Skyline", by Susan Tunick). In context.

The Rube likes the ruffled shadow created by the ornament on the projecting ledge shown in the above picture, as well as the tall and skinny columns above (2-jpg, portrait).

During his wanderings down adjacent side streets, several times he came across this building which he confused with St. Ann's -- tall, narrow, columns, arches, terra cotta -- but now that he can compare the pictures, he sees St. Ann is white, and this is tinged reddish-brown, for example.

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