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Roving Rube


June 30, 2003

Jose Cuervo billboard, Soho












This sign is made up of many tiny metal tags which move and sparkle in any breeze.

See also:

  • This American Life's story on life's "Plan B's", about Ryan, the Cuervo Man, a person whose job it was to party.

    From reporter John Hodgman's narration: "Actually, I was told [by Cuervo representatives], the term is 'party catalyst'... "Meaning what?" I asked them. "Meaning he does interactive promotions designed to introduce consumers to the responsible enjoyment of the various brands of Jose Cuervo tequila." "Meaning what?" I asked them. And that's when Ryan ran up to the table, with a toilet seat around his neck, and a plunger stuck to the top of his head. "Dude," he said. "Check it out. Plunger on my head." And then he ran down to the beach and shoved sand down his pants...and then he collapsed in the surf and barked like a seal. "It's sort of hard to explain what he does," they told me.































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