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Roving Rube


June 28, 2003

Relief by Lee Lawrie, Rockefeller Center












The Rube feels confident in attributing this work to Lee Lawrie because of the round bulging eyeballs. The figures in his other works on this site, "The Spirit of Communication" (2-jpg and 3-jpg), and "Atlas" (facing Fifth Avenue across from St. Patricks), have these same eyeballs.

The assumption that Lee Lawrie just saw people's eyes like this proved incorrect, however. For example, although his giant statue, The Sower, atop the Nebraska State Capitol, was described by a restoration worker as follows: "His eyes rivet right through you," he said. "His face is so dynamic. It's imposing. It's like he's watching you like a cat watching you walk by." -- the eyes are more regular-looking than these.

































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