Jim Dine's "Venus de Milo", Midtown Sixth Avenue

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Roving Rube
'03 May 23

Rube's Notes:

This block on Sixth Avenue is "super-scaled" surrounded by skyscrapers and this tends to make the Rube feel like an insignificant bug. Not that he always dislikes feeling that way in NYC, but it is one of the reason he likes these Venus de Milos (there is a third on the opposite corner) by Jim Dine. They scale the human body to the right size to live in these buildings and allow the Rube to imagine himself as also of heroic dimension.

Their rough-hewn forms are also a pleasing contrast to the regimented simplicity of the skyscrapers.

When Jim Dine was asked about why he chose to work with the image of Venus de Milo he mentioned that he had a little statue of it from a gift shop and stated in part "...I never choose things, they choose me. .I'm very trusting of my intuition and of my unconscious life and I honor it by letting it have a healthy outlet." (from Traditional Fine Arts Online, Inc.)

Interview with Jim Dine from the Cincinnati Post

White Venus, Cincinnati Venus, and "That Damn Sculpture"

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