Illia Barger's "Succulence", Broadway

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'03 May 24


We count this as "outdoor art" as it is in the "Broadway Windows" gallery, which can only be seen from outside on the street. It was founded in 1984 by NYU, which also curates the nearby "Washington Square Windows". Both are lit 24 hours a day.

Luscious mega-fruit fill the windows in a tantalizing display that promises to soothe the sweltering summer-heat. One ruby-red grapefruit, a lemon, lime, plus a pair of radiant kiwi berries, all mix in a sweet and pungent, painted marmalade. Gorgeous and grand scale, these sensuous canvases will lure the viewer with their subtly layered pigments.

Barger pays homage to a host of historical painting techniques in her splendid studies of juicy fruit. She comments: "In this quintet of oil paintings I investigate the interplay of divergent painting traditions by examining the inner structure of succulent fruits. Enlarged to human-scale...I dissect individual fruits to expose their inner core....[My] work invites us to contemplate the potential dialogue between human and non-human organic forms, three-dimensional space and two dimensional surfaces, as well as abstraction, representation and minimalism." (from NYU site)

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