Tony Rosenthal's "Rondo", East 58th Street

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Roving Rube
'03 May 22

Rube's Notes:

In the Rube's opinion, there should be a sort of GPS system for public art. When you get near a piece like this, your beeper would go off and it would tell you who made it, what it's called, why it's here, how it fits into the history of art, and why there are a bunch of channels cut into the sides (Fig. 1). There's lots and lots of art buffs who could tell you that about this off the top of their heads, but they're never around when you need them.

But on the other hand, he knows you are supposed to spend time with art, encounter it on multiple occasions, and "respond" to it. As opposed to reading what someone else says it is and what your response should be.

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