Photo Credit: RovingRube
02 November 25
Twisted columns and more; Alwyn Court

Digital re-interpretation "More than Meets the Eye" by
John Shiflet





(Photographer's Notes Below)

Twisted columns and more; Alwyn Court, Seventh Avenue 

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If these twisted columns (seen more clearly in Zoom and Fig. 1) seem familiar, it is because they are the work of Harde and Short, similar to what we saw in their 45 East 66th St. Fig. 2 and 3 show the similarity in the overall shape of the two buildings.

The surface of this building is the most fantastically detailed of any in Manhattan, and even back when the Rube couldn't tell one building from the other, he would recognize this one every time he wandered by it, and pause in mixed consternation and awe.

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