Artist: John Shiflet

Serendipity-n. an aptitude for making desireable discoveries by accident

Last fall, I bought an unusual book on ebay and was directed by the seller to visit an interesting photo-based website set up by "The Roving Rube". From my first "serendipitous" visit, I was very impressed with the photographic quality and talents of the Roving Rube and frequently zapped off emails telling him so.

Recently, while touching-up a few photos for a Victorian

Architectural group that I founded and moderate, I decided to have some "fun" with the Rube's images. Serendipity strikes again!

I found that I could achieve interesting results by manipulating the digital images with older Adobe software. I "borrowed" a few images from the "Roving Rube's" site and re-worked these for artistic effect.
Roving Rube liked the results too and we presently have an informal, on-going exchange of these images. Is it truly art? Who knows?! Some people can see beauty and art in a plain rusty nail. All I know is I'm having fun and enjoy

seeing how the Roving Rube can discover his rare and unusual images in the city that has it all..New York!

Anyone who wishes to exchange artistic viewpoints, belittle my artistic ignorance, or learn more about Victorian Architecture, is welcome to visit my links below.


John Shiflet