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Roving Rube

Sept. 12, 2003

Manju Sandler's "Gesture", Bergdorf Goodman display window, Midtown

What's New

These are a few details from a large four-window display at Bergdorf Goodman, which is itself excerpted from a 2,819-piece work.

The proposal left Manju Shandler, a New York artist, a bit uneasy. Earlier this summer, Bergdorf Goodman invited her to create a window display commemorating the attacks on the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001. I did have trepidations, Ms. Shandler confided. If they were going to put a mannequin in front of the piece, I was going to have to decline.

They were not. And so it was that Gesture, Ms. Shandlers grid of more than 1,000 brick-size illustrations honoring the victims of 9/11, found its way to Bergdorf's 58th Street windows, where it will stay until Sept. 12, the first day of New York Fashion Week.

Among fashion retailers, the store is apparently alone in observing the anniversary. Is it appropriate? I had to ask myself, said Linda Fargo, vice president for visual merchandising. With this kind of thing there is no right or wrong. Sept. 11 still is a very important day in American history, and we wanted to pay our respects. (Ruth La Ferla, NY Times, from site.)

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