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Terra Cotta

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Roving Rube

July 29, 2003

The Renwick, 808 Broadway

1887-88, Renwick, Aspinwall and Russell.
New York Architectural Terra Cotta Company. Brick and stone with terra cotta ornament. Industrial converted to residential.
(Source: "Terra-Cotta Skyline", by Susan Tunick).

This building (in context) was obviously designed to complement the gothic Grace Church next door, built 40 years previously by James Renwick, Jr..

The graceful Gothic ornamentation on the fourth, fifth, and sixth-story windows and the multi-layered terra-cotta cornice are of particular interest. This tawny terra cotta is in excellent shape and should be compared with the "melting" stone capitals on the columns between the windows on the columns on the second, third, and fourth stories. (Terra Cotta: Don't Take It For Granite, by Susan Tunick, p. 19).

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