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Terra Cotta

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Roving Rube

July 27, 2003

716 Broadway












1890-91, Alfred Zucker.
New York Architectural Terra Cotta Company. Brownstone with terra-cotta ornament. Industrial converted to commerical and residential.
(Source: "Terra-Cotta Skyline", by Susan Tunick).

The terra cotta, which can be found on the outer edges of this slender building (portrait view), is unusual because it is one basic vertical unit repeated throughout. Perched at the top, above the new copper cornice, are two massive terra-cotta creatures (2-jpg) with crossed wings set above intertwined foliage. A similar type of foliage appears on ether side of the building (1-jpg) above the second floor windows. (Terra Cotta: Don't Take It For Granite, by Susan Tunick, p. 17).

In 3-jpg, it is odd that they just cut those devil's heads in half like that. It looks like they're metal, not t.c..
































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