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Roving Rube

Terra Cotta

July 4, 2003

New York Evening Post Building, 110 Washington Street












1925-26, Horace Trumbauer.
Atlantic Terra Cotta Company. Brightly glaxed terra-cotta ornament. Office building.
(Source: "Terra-Cotta Skyline", by Susan Tunick).

Could this brightly-colored terra cotta save this building? Currently known as "Post Towers" and featuring luxury condomiums, it may be threatened by plans for West Street redevelopment:

Plans for West Street, including the creation of a grand esplanade and new housing, could endanger its showcase of spectacular early 20th century commercial buildings. These large vibrant structures - many with Gothic details and Art Deco motifs - create a streetscape that has become part of our collective image of Lower Manhattan. Redevelopment plans must consider the architectural and economic value of these irreplaceable buildings ... [Of this building:] Eighth home of The New York Evening Post, its dramatic brick and limestone exterior is notable for the towers topped by terra cotta panels arranged in geometric patterns. (Source: Lower Manhattan Emergency Preservation Fund)

Aside: this building is also known as 75 West Street for its entrance on that side. In NYC, buildings may have multiple street address names as well as common names. So someone might say to you at a party, "75 West Street is topped brightly colored panels," and you say, "that's funny, I never heard of it but I do know a 110 Washington, right in that same area, that has them," and a third person chimes in, "My friend who lives in Post Towers ..."































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