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Roving Rube


June 26, 2003

Top of fountain, City Hall Park












Today we focus just on the top of this recently restored fountain, to demonstrate that gilding begets gilding.

In 2-jpg, a view to the southwest, the frame also includes the gilded weathervane of St. Paul's Chapel, two blocks away, at lower center. Also to be seen are the gilded spandrels and golden globe atop the former AT&T building at 195 Broadway. Atop this globe, in earlier years, stood the 16-ton "Golden Boy", AKA "The Spirit of Communication", AT&T's corporate god, who was relocated first to 550 Madison, and then out to Basking Ridge, New Jersey, as AT&T moved their HQ. On the Roadside America site, there is an item from 3/19/2000 saying that he had been offered as a donation to the NYC Parks Department. We'd love to have him back!

3-jpg, a view to the northeast, includes "Civic Pride", the statue atop the Municipal Building at upper right, and the gilded roof of the U. S. Courthouse.

































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