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Roving Rube


June 18, 2003

Puck #1, Puck Building, Lafayette Street












The Puck Building housed Puck Magazine, whose cover quoted Puck as saying "What fools these mortals be!".

We're not sure which way this Puck's mirror is pointing, but his twin on another corner of the building (2-jpg) points his mirror down at the street so that we may personally confirm his words.

The white boxes on 3-jpg show the location of the Pucks.

We believe NYCJPG has the honor of being the first to mention Puck's sculptor, Carl Buberl, on the Internet. This is because a search of Google returned zero listings. He was a Bohemian -- he came from there. And he made these two sculptures. We read this in several books on the subject.

Perhaps the early Life Magazine was a competitor of Puck, for we realize now their "Winged Life", featured earlier on NYCJPG, was based on Puck. Just like the "Big Mac", we believe, was based on Big Boy's "Big Boy", and the Quarter Pounder came after Gino's "Gino Giant."



























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