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Roving Rube

Outdoor Art

June 13, 2003

Artwork at Hotel Roger Smith, Midtown Lexington Avenue












The Roger Smith Hotel, a friendly, intimate, family-run, bed and breakfast-type hotel, has been sculpted and formed by President/CEO/Artists-in-residence, James Knowles to be a "utopian cultural haven in Midtown Manhattan for those of a fine artistic bent" (Allen Sperry, New York's 60 Best Wonderful Little Hotels). Its 136 ample sized guest rooms are each decorated individually by Suzanne Knowles, wife of (and inspiration for) the creative genius behind the identity and the spirit of the hotel. (Source: Havana Film Festival site)

From the colorful, uniquely designed flags flying over the hotel entrance, to the bronze sculptures standing at attention by the front doors...The Roger Smith is passionately dedicated to art, creativity, hospitality, good ideas, and fun ...The Roger Smith also offers complimentary continental breakfast buffet at Lily's Restaurant [2-jpg]and weekday newspapers. Not just a roll and a cup of coffee...Let there be real food! Rolls, Danish, muffins, bagels, doughnuts, English muffins, toast, juice, whole fruits, cereals, coffee, tea, milk and hot chocolate. Hungry?

Lily's features floor to ceiling murals, painted by owner James Knowles in just five hours early one morning! They serve as the lively backdrop for contemporary American cuisine, prepared by Chef Dietmar Schluter. Be sure to try Dietmar's crabcakes and/or his vegetable & goat cheese terrine...fantastic! (Source: Escapemaker site)

One wonders if, on another fine morning, after extra cups of coffee, tea and hot chocolate, Mr. Knowles had a similar inspiration for the sheet metal "awning" above the windows (2-jpg, 3-jpg).

At the far corner of the hotel in 3-jpg is an art gallery with big picture windows.












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