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Roving Rube

Outdoor Art

June 11, 2003

Henry Moore's "Lincoln Center Reclining Figure"












Reclining figure of what? the Rube might ask. The Momma Alien?

Notes from "Artwalks in New York", by Marina Harrison and Lucy D. Rosenfeld:

Walk toward the Vivian Beaumont Theater, just behind Avery Fisher Hall, where you'll see the stunning Lincoln Center Reclining Figure, by Henry Moore. This massive bronze piece sits in splendor in a large reflecting pool, which is, unfortunately, kept empty most of the time because of a leak [ed. note: it may have been fixed by now]. Henry Moore hoped this work would create a welcome contrast to the stark geometric architecture in the background. The rough texture and strong lines are reminiscent of primitive pre-Columbian figures, like many other such reclining figures by Moore.

The Lincoln Center Plaza is often so bright, the Rube has his eyes squinted into narrow slits, and this reflecting pool seems like the inky waters of one of Edgar Allan Poe's tarns in comparison. But the Rube likes how it ripples in the slightest breeze, and the ripples complement the textures of the Figure.














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