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Roving Rube

Outdoor Art

June 9, 2003

Jesus Bautista Moroles' "Lapstrake", between 52nd and 53rd St.


From Cultural Development Fund site, notes by Jan Adlmann (with Barbara Mcintyre):

The work of Jesus Bautista Moroles continues to astonish because of his capacity to extract new poetry and pose new paradoxes in one of the most adamantine materials on earth - granite, the stone "Born of fire." ... A few of these curious works ... have the aura of weighty ritual objects whose use - indeed, whose entire civilization - is lost in the sands, like poor old Ozymandias. Finally, the sheer tonnage of the work is belied by Moroles' richly textured, strangely immaterial surfaces sparkling with countless facets of quartz and feldspar. In Manhattan, for example, his gigantic Lapstrake, at E.F.Hutton Plaza, unfailingly transfixes office workers and visitors on their way to the Museum of Modern Art.

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