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Roving Rube

Outdoor Art

June 7, 2003

Meryl Taradash's wind sculpture, Fordham University


Rube's Notes: The hollow sphere on top spins around fairly rapidly even on a day without much breeze, so the Rube at first thought it was motorized.

2-jpg shows this to be on a little concrete island in the grass. There are three more islands behind it and more deserted ones throughout the gardens, as if there are changing exhibitions. The Rube worked up his nerve to ask the guard about this, but the latter averted his eyes just as the Rube got near, and so he didn't.

The Rube was also not sure if you are allowed to walk on the grass to get a closer look at the sculptures -- no one else was on the grass -- or if you should tightrope along the concrete divider to get there. In fact he was not even sure that he, as a non-Fordham student, was entirely welcome on the campus to look at the sculptures. Not that there were any signs that he wasn't. But he needs a sign saying "Welcome, Rube!" to be entirely at ease anywhere. Especially on a first visit. On subsequent visits, as he becomes familiar with a place and its unwritten rules, he feels it comes to know him back and he becomes more accepted.

There are several related pieces by Taradash nearby -- 3-jpg shows another.

"I sculpt with Wind and Light to express humanness. Utilizing these forces of nature that have inspired me, I make the invisible, visible." -- Meryl Taradash.













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