Daffodil Hill, Brooklyn Botanic Gardens
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Main and Figs:
Roving Rube
Fig Mi:
John Shifet

'03 Apr 22

Rube's Notes:

Darn! In searching the web for something else interesting to say about these daffs from the BBG and Central Park, the Rube came across the New York Botanical Garden's site:

"The New York Botanical Garden has one of the largest collections of daffodils in the United States, numbering more than 100,000 bulbs. They can be seen at three main locations ... the Murray Liasson Narcissus Collection where 160 cultivars are ....planted according to the Royal Horticultural Society's Classification of Narcissus. From the top of the path leading from the Watson Building, different cultivars of Division 1 (Trumpet) are displayed. As you travel down the path toward Twin Lakes, cultivars of each division will be flowering on both sides of the path until you reach Division 11 (Split-Corona). [Split Corona!!!!! His FAVorite!!!!] ... Daffodil Walk features over 186 different daffodil cultivars. ... Daffodil Hill, located near the Crabapple collection on the knoll west of the Snuff Mill, features thousands of naturalized bulbs, most of which were planted more than fifty years ago. These bulbs increase each year, putting on a magnificent display that demonstrates why daffodils are the traditional symbol of spring."

Is it already too late? Where's that train schedule? How much will it rain tomorrow?


Fig. Mi, "Spirits in the Forest", is a digital reinterpretation of the Main image, by John Shiflet, longtime friend and supporter of NYCJPG. His description:: "Colors are altered and a multi-colored spirit 'wind' flows through the trees -- maybe a bit too "dreamy" -- a stark contrast to today's 'reality' trends."

The Rube enjoys these digital reinterpretations of his photos, as they draw out the underlying composition of the original and recast the relationships between the elements. He can't speak for the other photographers on NYCJPG, but the Rube encourages artists to use his photos as a resource for their creations.. That was how Eugene Atget billed his photography, "an artist's resource", and if it was good enough for Atget, so it is for the Rube.


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