Star and Yulan Magnolias, Brooklyn Botanic Garden
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Roving Rube
'03 Apr 21

Rube's Notes:

The Rube wanted to get another page of magnolias in before their blooming season ends. These are all from the BBG last week, and almost all of them may be misidentified by the Rube below (because he doesn't know which of his pictures he's going to use until it's too late to check the tree labels), except for the Star Magnolia on the left above; that one's he's sure of. Star Magnolias and Saucer Magnolias are very popular in this area.

He noticed that some of the magnolias there, like the one on the right, were off-white when compared with the Star Magnolia. These are Yulan Magnolias.

Fig. 1 almost seems to be a double Saucer Magnolia because the flowers are so full. But the Rube is not sure there is such a thing.

Fig. 2 is an Alexander Magnolia. The flowers and trees always look scraggly like this in our area -- as soon as it blooms the petals turn into floppy dog ears. It must be the deep red color people like. Fig. 3. is one of the flowers, just opening.


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