Photos: Roving Rube
03 April 4

Brick alley, Upper East Side
Brick alley, Upper East Side

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Theme: "Bricks"

There are as many NYCs as there are beholders.

One might say that NYC is really all about the skyscrapers. "Look at all the skyscrapers!" Another, that it is the people: there's so many! After NYC, walking around any other U.S. city feels like being in a "B" movie -- barely enough extras to fill the scene.

For another, it is the Broadway shows. Another goes for the museums and culture. For the Rube personally, it is the air conditioners.

This series is for those who feel it is all about the bricks. They are what hold it all together. For those with the eyes to see, there are more bricks then anything else! More bricks then rats and pigeons combined! We estimate there are somewhere between 50 and 1,000,000 bricks for every person in NYC. Also that there are nearly as many colors and finishes, and methods of laying and pointing.

We will also be searching for The One -- the Brick which has escaped the Matrix and is now pursuing its own interests somewhere in SoHo. It will likely have some interesting things to say.



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