Photos: Roving Rube
03 April 2

Water tank and orange flower
Water tank and orange flower, Midtown 40's

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Theme: "Water Tanks"

After the critical and popular acclaim accorded his "Air Conditioners" series (click on bottom left thumbnail in sidebar to review), the Rube was all set to build upon this triumph with "Water Tanks". Especially as he counts "Water Towers" by Bernd and Hilla Becher as one of his seminal influences.

And nothing says "NYC" like a water tank on the roof -- as the Rosenwach Group, leading manufacturers of water tanks, likes to say, "France has the Eiffel Tower ... Italy has the Leaning Tower ... New York has the Rosenwach Tank."

But apparently the camera does not love water tanks like it does air conditioners, or even water towers. It's taking a long time to save up enough good photos for a series.

But here are a few that came out ok, and never fear, there WILL be a Water Tank series. Given the capability to take infinite digital pictures of any subject, it will doubtless be a series to remember.

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