Photos: Craig Jennings
03 March 26

March 22nd anti-war rally, Broadway
March 22nd anti-war rally, Broadway

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Theme: "Protest"

Notes by Craig Jennings: Saturday, March 22 anti-war rally. We walked down Broadway from 35th Street to Washington Square Park: there wasn't a moment when there was a gap of people behind or in front of us. I think the police estimates were low, and the number may have been 200,000. Given that the war has already begun, I was stunned at the turnout. I don't think this will be the last protest.

Many people had their own home-made messages to convey, which were more compelling to me than the preprinted ones. I love this particular photo because I feel it conveys the variety and positive, determined attititude of New Yorkers.

Camera: Nikon Coolpix 5000, "over-the-shoulder-backwards" technique.

[Editor's note: Figs. J, P, and G are additional shots of the protest, and are larger file sizes then what we typically post -- we plan to offer larger photo sizes in future, but want to see how much it increases our bandwidth usage.]

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