Photos: Roving Rube
03 March 14

University Club Agraffe, Fifth Avenue
University Club Agraffe, Fifth Avenue 

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Theme: "Agraffes 'n Such"

To quote again from Ernest Burden's Building Facades: Faces, Figures and Ornamental Detail:

The agraffe is an ornamental device which refers to the uppermost voissoir or keystone of an arch, especially when it is carved as a cartouche including a human face with ornamental embellishments.

The Rube did not read this sentence that carefully until just now, and then he realized that something could be considered an agraffe without including a face, and also a lot of the keystone faces he has photographed do not have cartouches (ornamental scrolls) framing them. Whatever. The series is basically about Ornamental Faces, but that title just seemed too stupid.

Fig. 1 shows a way to get a lion into your agraffe.


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