Photos: Wooster Collective
03 March 12

Graffiti bird
Graffiti bird, downtown Manhattan 

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Theme: "Street Art"

These photos come to us from the Wooster Collective's gallleries of "street art" photography we were going to call the series "Graffiti", until some time fruitfully spent at their site convinced us otherwise.

Besides what we consider to be traditional graffiti (done with spray paint), there are also galleries of posters, stickers and stencils (samples shown in Figs. 1- 3). Fig 1 is the work of Micheal De Feo.

The site also includes interviews and tips from notable street artists -- here are a couple from Adam Neate:

Tip 1: the 3 P's Prolific, Planning and Preparation. This sounds obvious but it is actually really good to get used to some kind of time management. I usually paint in multiple sets of stickers or canvases. Whilst one background is drying another one can be started etc...before you know it you have painted 10-20 paintings in a morning, instead of waiting around for just the one to dry.

Tip 4: Creatures of habit Know your area and surroundings, what time buildings are open, what time people are around on the streets. With my work I leave allot of paintings amongst rubbish. This gives it a very short shelf life when I am being directly followed by the refuse truck. In fact garbage men are most probably the only people who have ever seen my work.

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