Photos: Roving Rube
03 March 11

Sandbox store
Sandbox store, 51st Street 

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Theme: Out of Business / Coming Soon

Notes by Roving Rube: One day a hip happening place. The very next day closed forever. That's life in the big city. Sandbox was a place that had pre-made sandwiches of all sorts in the labeled racks at left -- of ALL sorts --each made fresh that day, each in a special angled box that fit around the two halves, which were stacked on top of each other, with a cellophane window allow inspection of the contents. Almost like the automat. The Rube would pick up a different kind each day on his way to work. He would also pass a sign in the Rockefeller Center lower concourse which said that a Sandbox would be opening there too.

Then one Friday evening he was walking home and this is what he saw. And that was that for Sandbox.

Did they have too great a variety of sandwiches? Too many leftovers? Was it the name? He could never figure out where they got that name.

Then recently he discovered another sandwich store, Pret A Manger, which is popping up in midtown like mushrooms after rain. It is exactly like Sandbox. Only now he thinks Sandbox may have been the imitation, trying to sneak in before Pret A Manger spread here from London.

Anyway, on most any block, there will be one store that is going out of business, is vacant, or is about to be reborn. What lessons may be learned from this will be seen when NYCJPG receives enough good pictures to run the series!

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