Photos: Luis Vieira
03 March 9

Sit-in on Lexington Avenue
Sit-in on Lexington Avenue 

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Theme: Protest. These are from the February 15th anti-war rally.

Notes by Luis Vieira: Protesters, frustrated with not being allowed to reach the rally on First Avenue, staged a sit-in [visible here middle right, beyond the pink umbrella and black flag] in the middle of Lexington avenue in the 50's, blocking traffic for about 15-20 minutes. The mounted police, without warning, charged the crowd which had now gathered around the demonstrators, and pushed it into the sidewalks (Figs. 1 and 2).

Fig. 3: On 3rd avenue and 60th street, a small group of protesters paraded an inflatable planet earth. They would repeatedly walk north one block, and then turn around and head south, trying to break through the police barricade. After trying many times to break through, the police had them move onto 60th street.

Fig. N: The police setup many "standing cop" barricades like this one, preventing anyone from crossing the box and controlling the flow of the crowd. Fig. Y: Protesters also gathered on 6th Ave. and 42nd street, in the back of the New York Public Library. Fig. C: Memorable Bush posters.

United Nations Museum of Natural History Statues Forced Perspective Tower Tops Fluorescence Fire Escapes Air Conditioners Pushing the crowd from street On the sidewalk Inflatable planet earth "Standing Cop" barricades Gathering at back of NYPL Posters