Photos: Roving Rube
03 March 8

Truck signage
Truck signage 

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Theme: Trucks.

Traffic in Manhattan is 50% cabs, 40% trucks and 10% other. Give or take 20%. We will do a field survey later on. But you will be dodging lots of trucks in amongst everything else.

There are several categories these trucks could be put in big, little, specialized, familiar (Coffee Distributing Corp., M. Slavin and Sons -- maybe you don't know the names, but you'd remember seeing the truck around) the above would be under "nice side graphics."

Fig. 1 shows an appropriately "Innovative Packaging" trompe-l'oeil graphic of boxes and paper rolls on the back trailer door. Fig. 2 is a nice Steelcase tractor trailer parked in front of what may be a local warehouse in west midtown we saw it near there again afterwards. With Fig. 3, one wonders how they set the rates for these ads is it different for a truck that goes across country vs. a local delivery truck?

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