Photo: Roving Rube
03 February 26

Tall clocks, Metropolitan Museum of Art
Tall clocks, Metropolitan Museum of Art 

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Photographer's notes: The Rube wanted to prove his own maxim here -- a great thing about NYC is that whatever you get interested in, you can go and see many real instances of it somewhere nearby -- so he went to the Met looking for clocks.

This photo is from the American Wing; the man is looking at what is either a "miniature, tall" or "dwarf tall" clock in the center of this lineup. There are many other clocks scattered through the period rooms.

For the first time, the Rube intentionally sought out the Henry R. Luce Center for the Study of American Art (Fig. 1), which is a row after row, shelf over shelf massing of examples. He learned the terminology with which to describe the short clock above via its database (Fig. 2). Fig. 3 features two examples from the collection.

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