Photo: Roving Rube
03 February 15

Cooper Union Clock, Astor Place
Cooper Union Clock, Astor Place 

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Photographer's notes: The Rube has counted up all the clocks he simply can't bear NOT to post as part of this series -- for once a series concludes, it may be years before the Great Eye of NYCJPG looks again upon its subject, there being so many others crying out: "look at me! look at me!" -- and so the series will run to the end of this month. Those of you who are sick of clocks, be back here on March 1 sharp.

For those who love clocks, all future Rube pix, and those of numerous other contributors, can be found on our first "featured" site, Save America's Clocks.

Save America's Clocks was founded by Tom Bernardin in 1997, and the goal of his website is to maintain a database of all public clocks in the U.S., as a resource to encourage their preservation and restoration. Mr. Bernardin's organization was a key supporter of the neighborhood coalition that restored the beautiful 1898 Yorkville Clock on the Upper East Side -- the Yorkville Clock being one of those the Rube can't bear not to post before the present series concludes.

Coming back to the clock for Today, Cooper Union's clock is a sentimental favorite with the Rube, having been led up to see the workings of it, and the view of the city from top of Cooper Union, by Justin Ferate during one of his Cityscape tours.

Fig. 2 shows the Man, Industrialist/Innovator/Philantropist Peter Cooper, to whom the Rube and many others ultimately owe the excellent (and affordably-priced) Continuing Education Cooper Union programs to.

Fig 3 is the derelict Carl Fischer clock just south of Cooper Union.

In Context gives a glimpse of tomorrow's clock, on the white tower of the Con Edison building.

Detail Restore original Peter Cooper Carl Fisher Clock In context